The laser cutter is the ideal tool for cutting selected materials* with precision and high accuracy with the added ability to engrave. Cost is $5 per 15 mins of cutting time and can be paid using eftpos within the Lab.

To be able to use the laser cutter one must complete an introduction and show competency in being able to use the machine. For ‘oneoff’ cuttings it is suggested that students use the laser cutters in th3D LABS (room WM 300). To be able to complete an introduction one must book in with our technician.

*Materials that can be cut

  • Acrylic (up to 8mm)
  • MDF (up to 8mm)
  • Veneer(up to 6mm)
  • Balsa(up to 12mm)
  • Art paper
  • Cardboard
  • Freezer paper
  • Silk
  • Natural Fabrics
  • Vellum
  • Wool Felt

Materials that will not be cut

  • Metal — The cutters are not powerful enough
  • Reflective materials — Will destroy the lens
  • Glass — Tends to shatter, causing potential damage to the lens
  • PVC — Produces harmful, toxic fumes
  • Cintra — Produces harmful, toxic fumes
  • Lexan — Produces harmful, toxic fumes
  • Polycarbonate — Produces harmful, toxic fumes
  • PET-C — Produces harmful, toxic fumes
  • Styrene — Produces harmful, toxic fumes
  • Vinyl — Produces harmful, toxic fumes
  • Rubber — Melts and smells bad
  • Plywood — The adhesive between the layers vaporizes and coats the lens. In addition, plywood is often treated with formaldehyde, which is toxic when burned.
  • Foamcore — Extremely flammable!!!! The inner layer of foam superheats, causing the top layer of paper to combust across a large surface area.


Before you begin

Be cautious! Some materials on this list look very similar to our approved materials, but will release toxic fumes when cut or engraved. You must be absolutely certain that your material is appropriate to use on the cutter, BEFORE you arrive for your session. When ordering colored acrylic from other sources, please specify to your supplier that you need acrylic safe to cut on a laser cutter. Do not take chances!